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March 2020

WholeLife Church is currently in a series on the Sabbath, considering the origin, purpose, and benefit of a day of rest spent celebrating the relationship between God and God’s creation. It has been an unexpected turn of events that we are having to socially distance ourselves and not meet physically as a faith community. However, coming before God in worship may be more essential for our physical, mental, and spiritual health now than ever. We hope you join us virtually as we worship online and on Facebook Live at 9:30 am and 12:00 pm EST this Saturday. In the meantime, below is a Scripture and prayer for each day, Monday thru Friday, along with a link for a devotional thought and music to be used at your discretion. I hope this is beneficial as you prepare for worship this weekend.

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Monday:  Feasting the Sabbath

Mark 6:31

Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat.

God of the Sabbath, you rested after the work of creation. Your energy does not dissipate, nor does your power weaken. However, you chose to intentionally set aside time. Help me to slow my steps, to understand your purpose in calling me to rest. Amen.


Living in Your Freedom

Tuesday:  Taking Sabbath Seriously

Matthew 11:28-30

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

God of the Sabbath, you are the Master and Creator of the world. You know what tears down and destroys; you know what brings health and wholeness. Make me aware of the rhythm of life that will most intimately draw me into relationship with you. Amen.


I Will Rest in You

Wednesday:  Confessions of an Imperfect Sabbath-Keeper

Psalm 139:7-10

I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence!  If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there.  If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.

God of the Sabbath, your presence surrounds all of creation. You are eternal and omniscient. You work within a holy rhythm, and your Spirit offers rest and peace. Open my heart to your cadence and my mind to your direction. Amen.


Not in a Hurry

Thursday:  Wasting Time

Hebrews 4:9-11a

So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God. For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world.  So let us do our best to enter that rest.

God of the Sabbath, you are patient. Your desire is for honest relationship with your creation, and you wait in anticipation of time spent together. I need to welcome my dependence on you. Hold me in your sacred embrace today. Amen.


Be Still

Friday:  God Rested

Luke 23:53-54

Then he took the body down from the cross and wrapped it in a long sheet of linen cloth and laid it in a new tomb that had been carved out of rock. This was done late on Friday afternoon, the day of preparation, as the Sabbath was about to begin.

God of the Sabbath, you rested. You rested after creating, and you rested after redeeming. Your selfless sacrifice offers a holy and eternal rest from guilt and shame. Thank you for your love that is unconditional and your grace that covers all of my sin. Amen.


God Rested

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